Our farm covers about 30 hectares, of which about 15 hectares of arable land and approximately the same amount of forests in which are mainly leaf trees. The largest share among the trees has beech.

On this surface we produce fodder for 40-50 cattle, pigs and horses after sustainable breeding for the needs of tourism. In summer, livestock grazes in enclosed pastures.

Livestock feed is twice a day, in most with hay. In summer, every day the feed is kept for the livestock to get fresh and winter from the stock on the hayloft, which is filled over the summer.

Work on the farm and life with nature has already been laid in the cradle for Master Simon. The love for everything they have created on the farm is also led by Beta's wife, who is happy to support any kind of work, but at the same time, with a watchful eye, ensures that everything goes as it should in the restaurant -tourist accommodation they built over twenty years ago. Working habits and genuine human values are a journey they have also handed over to their three daughters.

You can be there to feed livestock and, if you wish, you can also help to have genuine contact with the livestock and with farm work.

Our guests, especially children, like to see the animals in the barn and in general work and life on the farm.

Occasionally, guests can join the work on the meadow or in the field and thus to forge the pulse of life on our farm. This is especially interesting for the people who live in concrete cities and have no idea of life on the farm, nor did not have the opportunity to see up close.
We may be close to major cities, but at the same time we are so far from the hustle and bustle that our daily lives are special and genuine. At the same time, you will want to return to it again and again.